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MOH: Over 100 Open-Heart Surgeries Performed to Pilgrims
01 August 2019

​The Ministry of Health’s (MOH) hospitals and Healthcare centers in Makkah and Madinah keep on providing its therapeutic and preventive services to pilgrims during this year Hajj season.

“Since the beginning till 28th of Dhul Qaidah, these hospitals and healthcare centers served 134,605 pilgrims, in addition to 1,024 pilgrims who were inpatients of various hospitals. Also, they performed 107 open-heart surgeries and cardiac catheterizations, 683 dialysis sessions, 35 endoscopies, and 219 other surgeries for pilgrims. Besides, four birth cases and 16 heat exhaustion cases have been recorded,” stated MOH. 

It is worth mentioning that MOH has prepared a number of hospitals and healthcare centers in Makkah, holy sites, and Madinah, including 25 hospitals and 156 healthcare centers with a 5,000-bed capacity. More than 30,000 health practitioners are participating in serving the pilgrims. Also, MOH has equipped 18 health emergency points at the stations of the holy sites’ train, 180 ambulances and 17 emergency centers at Jamarat Bridge.

Last Update : 01 August 2019 01:45 PM
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