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MOH: 16 Labs and Blood Banks Prepared in Makkah and Holy Sites
29 July 2019

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has prepared all laboratories and blood banks in the holy sites (Mina and Arafat), including 8 labs and 8 blood banks enhanced with cutting-edge equipment operated by Saudi physicians and specialists for serving pilgrims of this year's Hajj, 1440H.

According to MOH, the labs issue precise results of the tested samples in accordance with international quality control programs. A molecular diagnostic laboratory was established at East Arafat Hospital to provide confirmatory testing for MERS-CoV and H1N1 Flu, with the availability of all necessary solutions and laboratory reagents. The lab is fully run by Saudi physicians and lab specialists. 

During a very short period of time, the lab issues test results for pilgrims at Mina and Arafat in accordance with international protocol or standards and under the supervision of the laboratory and blood banks committee of this year's Hajj. 

In the same vein, MOH has formed a laboratory and blood banks supervisory committee (Technical Supervision Committee on Laboratories and Blood Transfusion Services for Hajj, 1440H.) to monitor and operate labs and blood banks and to provide all emergency specialized tests for pilgrims through a plan of several stages: early preparation for Hajj works, preparation and medical supply, operation and workforce and completion and observations recording stage.  

It is to be noted that the holy sites hospitals organize a number of blood donation campaigns starting with its staff assigned at the holy sites to supply the blood banks with blood units prior to arrival of pilgrims at the holy sites

Last Update : 05 August 2019 11:10 AM
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