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Madinah: Health Services Ready for Pilgrims 24/7
09 July 2019

​Madinah Health Affairs has assigned around 7,000 employees and a number of healthcare centers around the Prophet's Mosque for serving pilgrims during this year Hajj season, 1440H. These centers are: Gabriel Gate, Al-Safyah, Al-Salam and Al-Majedi Gate. Other healthcare centers were allocated at their places of residence, namely: Uhod, Quba and Al-Awali, and at the city's entry/exit points: land pilgrims, AL-Hijra and Al-Miqat 1-2.  Also, Al-Yutmah and Al-Salsa health centers were allocated to serve travelers on the main roads from and to Madinah.  ​

The Affairs also prepared health surveillance centers at the air and sea ports of Madinah region, they are: Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Airport in Madinah, Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz Airport in Yanbu and Yanbu sea port.

In coordination with the Emergency, Disasters and Ambulatory Transportation General Department, the Affairs provided some health centers with emergency services, namely: seasonal pilgrims city center, seasonal Hijra center, seasonal Gabriel Gate center, seasonal Al-Majedi Gate center, seasonal Al-Salam Gate center and Al-Safyah center. It also increased the number of ambulances at some permanent health centers such as the health surveillance centers at Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Airport in Madinah, and provided golf carts to transport pilgrims inside airports and yards. 

The Affairs provides its therapeutic services to pilgrims through the hospitals, namely: King Fahad General Hospital, Al-Ansar, Al-Miqat, Uhod, Maternity and Children Hospital in Madinah, Pilgrims City, Khaibar, Al-Hanakiya, Al-Hemna and Yanbu General Hospital. It also prepared a center for sunstroke at a capacity of 30 beds. 

It is noteworthy that the Affairs provides mobile clinics for serving users of Madinah road, including one large unit at Sasco station, which provides preventive and ambulatory services to pilgrims, citizens and residents, and another clinic in the city.  

Last Update : 11 July 2019 02:55 PM
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