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King Abdullah Medical City- Makkah: 4,000 Beneficiaries of Home Medicine Program
09 July 2019

​​King Abdullah Medical City- Makkah conducted 4,000 home visits to beneficiaries of its services, from early 2018 until the first quarter of 2019. ​

The Home Medicine Program seeks to promote patient's feeling of safety, comfort, support and getting medical care among his family without having to be in hospital. It also seeks to provide full medical care at his home and to reduce admission to hospital to obtain a medical care that can be done at home.

The program's role includes palliative care for patients with cancer, stroke, chronic chest diseases, chronic renal failure and chronic neurological diseases, as well as visiting them regularly. It also provides medical care for patients with chronic diseases such as: diabetes and blood pressure by conducing the necessary tests instead of coming to the hospital, informing the doctor about his patient's condition and the patient about the results.

The program also plays a key role in educating the patient about how to prevent bedsore, and caring for patients, providing them with the necessary medical appliances and following them regularly. 

Last Update : 11 July 2019 08:40 AM
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