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 Hail: Waiting Lists Reduced at Maternity and Children Hospital
04 July 2019

​According to Hail Health Affairs, from Muharram until Ramadan 1440H., the Maternity and Children Hospital served more than 38,849 patients, 28,845 at the emergency department and 10,004 at outpatient clinics, in addition to 4,485 births. The waiting lists have been reduced from around 60 days to no more than 20 days, adds the Affairs.

It is noteworthy that, during this year, 1440H., the hospital witnessed expansion of the maternity inpatient department and inauguration of the breastfeeding clinic. The hospital's two pediatric clinics receive 60 cases daily, which positively impacted the satisfaction of the recipients of service. 

Last Update : 14 July 2019 11:46 AM
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