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Madinah: Over 300,000 Patients Served by Specialized Dental Center
03 July 2019

​According to a recent statistical data disseminated by Madinah Health Affairs, over the past year (2018), the Specialized Dental Center served 319,338 patients. The center's six oral and maxillofacial sections conducted 8,585 surgeries (3,444 minor surgeries and 297 major surgeries). Also, 68,349 patients benefited from the preventive measures and 127,221 from the awareness activities provided by the center.  

On following up the preschool children, the statistics confirmed that 9,211 children benefited from oral and dental health services, and 11,426 ladies benefited from the services provided for pregnant women. 

Also, the center conducted 76,115 X-ray examinations (48,366 inside of the mouth and 27,749 outside of the mouth), and the dentures sections served 4,992 patients.

The center features 55 well-equipped clinics, in addition to the diagnostic services including a dental lab, 3 radiology sites, central sterilization sections, recovery rooms, pharmacy, medical and non-medical stores, as well as other support services facilities. 

Last Update : 21 July 2019 10:41 AM
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