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Al-Baha- Early Detection of Osteoporosis Clinic Inaugurated at Al-Rashasha Healthcare Center
02 July 2019

​​According to Al-Baha Health Affairs, a clinic for early detection of osteoporosis has been launched at Al-Rashasha Healthcare Center, which provides its services for the citizens of Al-Mokhwa, Ghamid, Al-Zinad, Qalwa, Al-Hajrah, the towns of the Tihama Sector in the region.​

The clinic is enhanced with a specialized medical team and DXA machine for measuring bone density of the elderly, particularly those over the age of 60, and providing them with means of prevention.
 The X-ray machine is used for measuring the bone density and early detection of osteoporosis. 

Last Update : 03 July 2019 01:27 PM
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