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Makkah: Over 100,000 Beneficiaries of Health Services in Ramadan
28 May 2019

​Makkah hospitals provided their health and therapeutic services to 126,549 patients during the first twenty days of Ramadan. ​

According to Makkah Health Affairs, these hospitals served 3,997 inpatients, 41,425 outpatients, and 73,641 emergencies. Also, the hospitals performed 231 scheduled surgeries, 730 emergency surgeries, 749 birth cases, 233 endoscopy procedures, in addition to 5,209 dialysis sessions.
The hospitals also performed 90 catheterization procedures, 3 heart surgeries and received 141 one-day surgery patients, adds the Affairs. 

It is noteworthy that the Affairs provides its health services to Umrah performers through 54 healthcare centers and 10 hospitals. Since the beginning of Ramadan, the Affairs is implementing a comprehensive plan to serve the Umrah performers and harnessing all its material and human capabilities to serve them 24/7 through qualified medical staff and necessary medical appliances. 

Al-Haram Emergency Hospital is one of MOH's state-of-the-art facilities for serving pilgrims with a capacity of 50 beds, including 10 beds for ICU, which has been enhanced with cutting-edge technologies to receive emergencies and accidents. Also, the hospital has designated field teams to provide therapeutic services inside the corridors of the Holy Mosque, as well as evacuation and rescue lines to be used in emergency.

Also, the hospital, which is located north of the Holy Mosque in front of King Abdullah Gate, provides high quality services to pilgrims through an integrated medical team, particularly in the areas surrounding the Holy Mosque. 

Last Update : 22 July 2019 01:49 PM
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