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Al-Ahsa: Hemodialysis Service Launched at Maternity and Children Hospital
13 May 2019

​According to Al-Ahsa Health Affairs, Maternity and Children Hospital-Al-Ahsa has launched hemodialysis service. By Allah’s Grace, the medical team has successfully performed hemodialysis for a woman suffering from pre-eclampsia with acute kidney failure (AKF), which is a critical condition causing serious complications for both the woman and her fetus.

“The hemodialysis is one of the state-of-the-art medical services provided to critical cases, with a view to flushing out waste and toxins from the body for treating cases of kidney failure,” stated the Affairs.

It is worth mentioning that Maternity and Children Hospital-Al-Ahsa is one of the specialized health facilities providing high-quality integrated health services through its large medical equipment and by its highly qualified medical staff. 

Last Update : 14 May 2019 01:30 PM
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