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MOH: Health Tips for Diabetics during Ramadan
05 May 2019

​​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has provided a number of health tips for diabetics to follow during the blessed month of Ramadan.

In an infographic published on its twitter page within its awareness campaign: «Healthy Fasting», MOH has highlighted the importance of consulting the physician before starting fasting; to determine the patient's ability to fast and the medication dosages. Also, MOH has underlined the importance of taking diabetes medications as prescribed, as well as exercising at an easy to moderate intensity levels, especially in the evening period. Besides, MOH has urged diabetics to check their blood glucose two hours before and after breakfast, before pre-dawn meal «Suhoor», and in the middle of the day. 

Within the same vein, MOH has advised people with diabetes to drink enough water after breakfast, reduce the intake of foods high in sugar and fats, in addition to stopping binge eating (or overeating) and dividing breakfast into several moderate meals.

It is worth mentioning that such awareness-raising activities come in continuation of MOH's efforts to maintain the health and safety of fasting persons, to promote health awareness, and to urge them to adopt healthy behaviors.

Last Update : 07 May 2019 02:54 PM
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