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Eastern Region Heath Affairs Activates Meal Improvement Project
12 March 2019

​According to Eastern Health Affairs, over the past year 2018, patients at 18 public hospitals have received 4,047,053 meals in accordance with ISO health requirements. The meals included 1,925,748 meals for inpatients, 432,040 for their companions, 1,640,545 for employees and on-duty staff and 48,720 meals for patients with wheat allergy. 

The Affairs' Nutrition Department, during this year, is working on a new program to provide wheat allergy products, in addition to conducting surveys to measure the satisfaction of patients and beneficiaries with the meals provided to them.  The rate of their satisfaction with the meals provided during the past year amounted to 95%. The surveys take into consideration the patient's observation and wishes in line with his health condition, adds the Affairs.

On the other hand, for the second time, the Affairs' meals improvement project at MOH's hospitals level has won the first place for the month of February. 

The Affairs meals improvement project has also won the first place for the month of June 2018, it said, pointing out that the project aims to improve meals for patients and to increase the patients' satisfaction with the meals provided at MOH's hospitals. The Nutrition Department has formed a team to ensure that the meals provided at the Affairs' hospitals are in line with the performance and quality standards.  



Last Update : 24 April 2019 12:52 PM
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