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MOH Launches Pioneer Research Award
07 March 2019

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched the 2019 pioneer research award in its first season to develop research environment and achieve a dynamic and ambitious community capable of producing knowledge and contributing to development. According to MOH, a web site has been allocated through which government institutions and research teams can register, submit their works and apply for the award. The award seeks to encourage and honor research community pioneers and enable them to compete in producing distinguished researches. It targets researchers and leading research centers in the Kingdom with the aim of boosting knowledge and community health.  


The seven-track award provides that the applicant should be the first author of the research project, the research is conducted inside the Saudi Arabia, the researcher has never won the same branch of the award and the scientific research is published in a peer-reviewed journal with a high impact factor. 

Last Update : 12 March 2019 10:31 AM
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