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Asir Health Affairs: Quality Initiative for Reducing Waiting Lists at Asir Central Hospital
26 February 2019

​Asir Health Affairs is implementing a quality initiative to reduce outpatient waiting lists at Asir Central Hospital to serve outpatients as soon as possible and in line with the adopted waiting standards. The initiative seeks to develop work mechanism in clinics, with the addition of evening clinics during the official hours, from 4-11 pm.​

The Affairs indicated that the outpatient clinic's main reception was cancelled and the reception in every award (21 awards) was activated. The clinics were reorganized by assigning each specialty in a separate award, such as an award for heart diseases clinics and another one for endocrine gland clinics, and so on.  

It pointed out that the hospital introduced 11 clinics for consultants and opened 36 clinics including 4 additional orthopedic clinics, a triage dermatology clinic, in addition to a consultant clinic in the same specialty, 2 consulting clinics for rheumatism, 3 new endocrinology clinics, 2 specialist clinics and 2 kidney consulting clinics, 5 neurology clinics and 2 digestive system clinics. They also included additional triage neurology clinics, triage ENT clinics and triage urinary tract clinics. Thanks Allah, the initiative has achieved positive outcomes during this month. 

Last Update : 27 February 2019 03:08 PM
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