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Bisha: E-Prescribing Introduced at Al-Bashaer Hospital
26 February 2019

​​​As part of facilities improvement objectives of Bisha Health Affairs, the electronic prescribing has been introduced at Al-Bashaer General Hospital. The E-Prescribing Program features a number of sections, including: patient's data (name, age, gender, and nationality), physician’s name according to his/her username, medicines, specific dose, treatment frequency, pharmacy statistics, item (medicine) turnover, number of daily recipes, pharmacy’s requests from warehouse (and vice versa), statistics submitted to the Ministry, and the unavailable medicines which are displayed along with their alternatives to the physician.

It is worth mentioning that the Program contributes to preventing the medication errors; as prescribing is controlled by Double Check System, which is in line with patient safety standards.

Last Update : 05 March 2019 11:08 AM
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