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Makkah Affairs: Mobile Clinics Serve Umrah Performers at their Residences
07 February 2019

​Makkah Health Affairs continue providing its services to Umrah performers. A delegation of the Affairs has visited the Umrah performers at their residence in central area surrounding the Holy Mosque to provide them with preventive and therapeutic services through mobile clinics, which is one of the Affairs' public health department projects as part of its initiatives participating in Makkah Cultural Forum "How to be a Role Model?" under the title “How to develop our cities to serve Hajj and Umrah”.​

According to the Affairs, such type of initiatives is one of its important roles to provide therapeutic and medical services and psychological and moral support to patients at their residences through visits by medical staff of different specialties to hospitals, homes and pilgrims residences.  

Last Update : 24 February 2019 01:35 PM
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