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7,065 Patients Served by Jazan Healthcare Centers
18 December 2018

​According to Jazan Health Affairs, weekly statistics of patients served by the central sector's healthcare centers revealed that 3 centers (Al-Madhaya, Al-Jabal and Mahaliya), which operate on extended work shift, represent 35.98% of the total number of patients, during the period from Dec. 6th-12th,2018. The centers served 2,542 patients out of 7,065 or more than one third of patients in the central sector, during a week. 

The number of patients served by the centers are as follow: Al-Madhaya 696 patients, Mahaliya 846, Al-Jabal 727, Al-Matar 634, Al-Mabouj 594, AL-Karboos 413, AL-Rawdha Al-Shimali 401, Mazhara 396, Mukhatat (5) 367, Al-Safa 315, Al-Murabi 287, Al-Sewais 276 AL-Ashwa 226, Mukhatat (6) 224, AL-Rawdha Al-Janoubi 214 and Al-Qaariya 176 patients. 
It is noteworthy that the central sector includes 16 healthcare centers, 3 of them operate on extended work shift, namely: Al-Madhaya, Al-Jabal and Mahaliya. They provide their services throughout 16 hours, while the other centers operate on the regular 8 hours a day. 

Last Update : 20 December 2018 01:01 PM
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