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King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital- Taif: Kidney Center Serves 348 Patients in Peripheral Provinces Last November
18 December 2018

​The Kidney Center of King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital- Taif, during the last month of November, has served more than 133 patients from 9 kidney centers in peripheral provinces including: AL-Khurma, Al- Qurei, Maysan, Qiya, Turabah, Rania, Al-Sahan and Zulum. During the same month, the center provided its medical services to hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients at their homes. They are 348 patients registered with the Kidney Center, including 8 peritoneal dialysis patients and 35 new patients or visitors.

The Center provides hemodialysis services for inpatients with kidney failure and emergency cases, and receives patients from the Gulf States during the holiday season, and peritoneal dialysis at patients' homes, trains them and their families, prepare them for transplantation, conducts all diagnosis and reports, and coordination and follow-up after surgery through a specialized clinic. Also, the Center operates a special clinic for diabetics at the diabetes center weekly, as well as a kidney clinic at all peripheral hospitals for the conveniences of patients. 

Last Update : 20 December 2018 03:51 PM
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