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Over 2,400 Home Visits Paid by King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital – Taif in First Half of 2018
24 July 2018

Over the first half of this year (2018), the medical teams of home medicine department at King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital – Taif have paid more than 2,400 visits to 1,866 old and new cases recorded in the program since its inauguration to present (at a rate of 4.5 to 5 visits by each one team per day – with a total number of 25 to 30 visits per day).

The teams have been prepared and enhanced with medical and therapeutic equipment, to improve the performance quality and to increase the number of visits and participating teams up to five medical and technical teams, providing therapeutic services to more than 621 cases (including 498 patients aged 14 to 65 years). The medical services, treatment and some medical equipment are provided to various patients with different diseases, including psychiatric and neurological diseases, strokes, paralysis, cancer, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

Last Update : 26 July 2018 03:06 PM
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