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Madinah: Heath Services Ready for Pilgrims 24/7
22 July 2018

​​​Madinah Health Affairs has assigned over 6,000 health, technical and administrative staff and provided the best medical and technical capabilities for serving the pilgrims and visitors of the Prophet's Mosque. Also, 11 region's hospitals were accredited to provide them with the required medical services. These hospitals are: Al-Ansar, Uhod, Al-Miqat, King Fahad, Maternity and Children, Pilgrim City (thoracic), Medical Rehabilitation, Khaybar, Al-Hanakiyah, Al-Hemnah and the Cardiac Center. Other hospitals were made ready to handle any emergencies. Madinah's hospitals feature 1,682-bed capacity including 114 for ICU.

These hospitals are supported by 13 seasonal primary healthcare centers enhanced with specialized medical staff and cutting-edge appliances. The centers, namely: (Air Pilgrims, Gabriel Gate, Al-Miqat 1-2, Al-Majedi Gate, Land Pilgrims, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Airport- Madinah, Al-Safyah, Al-Salam, Yanbu Sea Port, Yanbu Airport, Al-Yutamah and Al-Selselah) will participate in implementing the Hajj plan. Also, 3 centers (Quba, Al-Awali and Uhod) were allocated to provide permanent primary healthcare services, in addition to 300 specialized medical staff, 28 visiting workforcd and 70 health teams.  

Last Update : 26 July 2018 09:05 AM
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