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MOH Checks Health Requirements Electronically under «Makkah Road Initiative»
14 July 2018

​T​he Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that they have checked pilgrims’ health requirements electronically without the need to see the papers of vaccines at the airport in Kuala Lumpur on the first trip of the pilgrims of Malaysia, which arrived on Saturday at the Prince Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Madinah. Under the Makkah Road Initiative, the pilgrims have their fingerprint taken and passport stamped at their country of departure and their entry into Saudi Arabia would be considered a domestic flight and their baggage would be sent to their place of residence by the Ministry of Hajj. 

According to MOH, the first flight of Indonesian pilgrims will be launched on Tuesday July 17 after ensuring that health requirements are done electronically and the Saudi Embassy will issue the visa only after the requirements are applied electronically in coordination between MOH, Ministry of Hajj and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the same vein, MOH has intensified efforts to prepare its facilities to provide health care for pilgrims during this year Hajj 1439H., as soon as they arrive at the Kingdom air, sea and land ports and at the holy sites until they return safely to their homes. 

At the top of its priorities, MOH focuses on the preventive measures and keeps itself updated with the latest developments in the world health status in coordination with WHO and international health organizations such as the centers for disease control and prevention. Also, the Ministry has taken several precautionary measures including issuing health requirements to be met by arrivals for Hajj in accordance with the international epidemic changes, and circulating them to all pilgrims' country of origin through the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' embassies and missions abroad to abide by when issuing Umrah and Hajj visa. In addition, MOH has enhanced 15 health control centers at land, air and sea ports with required staff and medical supplies (preventive medicines and others). The centers operate 24/7 throughout this year Hajj season. 

Before the Hajj season, the Ministry carries out a vaccination campaign against meningitis and flu for residents of Makkah and Madinah, and for participants in the Hajj program.

The Ministry has prepared medical facilities in Makkah, Madinah and the holy sites to deal with heat stress and sunstroke by providing proper ventilation and water-spray fans, and increasing the number of beds at hospitals.

Last Update : 17 July 2018 02:00 PM
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