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Makkah: Hira Hospital Trains Ob/Gyns on Latest Simulation Dolls
09 May 2018

​Hira General Hospital- Makkah is training Ob/Gyns on Fellowship Program on the latest simulation dolls. A simulation doll was designed to develop trainees' clinical skills in dealing with obstructed labor and vaginal birth, focusing on all pre-natal and post-natal stages, including post-natal complications such as bleedings.

It noteworthy that this doll is developed for the entire body with accurate anatomy and functionality to facilitate multi-professional obstetric training for birth management, with both manual and automatic delivery mode. It is the most advanced labor and delivery simulator yet is easy to use and adaptable, allowing instructors to accommodate individual student or team learning needs at basic or advanced level using a wireless connection.

On the other hand, the official account of e-services provided by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to government bodies underlined that the Ministry of Health (MOH) is the first government body to implement and fully benefit from all e-services on «Itimad» Portal. This portal provides e-services through five departments (Budget, Tender and Procurement, Contract and Approval, Payment, and Staff Financial Rights).

Last Update : 15 May 2018 01:40 PM
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