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MOH Warns against Non-Prescribed Use of Antibiotics
24 April 2018

​In an awareness infographic published on its twitter page, MOH highlighted the risks of using antibiotics without prescription, including increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance and that medical treatment against bacterial infections can become ineffective. In addition, the minor infections such as ear infections can become more serious.

MOH indicated that the consequences of non-prescribed use of antibiotics include higher medical costs and prolonged hospital stays. 

Earlier, MOH has warned against selling antibiotics without prescriptions and stressed the importance of abiding by the provisions of the Executive Regulations of Health Practice Law which prohibits pharmacist from dispensing any drug without a prescription by a certified physician. 
Through an awareness campaign on its social media pages, MOH stated that violators will face legal actions including a fine of up to 100 thousand riyals, abolition of the license and imprisonment for up to six months.

It is worth noting that MOH is implementing a series of awareness and education activities and events on antibiotics, to brief all community individuals and health practitioners about the importance of antibiotics rationalization and use optimization through extensive awareness activities across the Kingdom via health facilities and trade centers.

Last Update : 01 May 2018 03:19 PM
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