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National Sepsis Reduction Campaign Launched
09 April 2018

​In partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Saudi Patient Safety Center and Houston Methodist Hospital, the First Saudi National Sepsis Reduction Campaign entitled ‘Saving Lives, Saving Costs’ was launched yesterday (Sunday) in Riyadh. The launch featured several sessions with the participation of leading experts in sepsis prevention and quality healthcare and patient safety. 

Dr. Abdulelah M. Al-Hawsawi, Director General of the Saudi Patient Safety Center, highlighted that there are very few published studies from Saudi Arabia that address the infection and its complications, stating that most patients admitted to intensive care units suffer from severe septic shocks caused by respiratory tract infections. 

From her part, Cathy Easter, President and CEO of Houston Methodist Global Health Care Services said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Saudi Patient Safety Center and the Ministry of Health to launch the First National Sepsis Reduction Campaign in Saudi Arabia with the aim to raise awareness and reduce sepsis in the Kingdom. Our partnership with the Saudi Patient Safety Center will create a highly specialized team that will participate in a multi-year project starting with a pilot study. Through our unified vision, shared experiences and efforts, we will reduce both mortality rates and costs borne by the healthcare system.”

It is noted that the Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body's response to infection causes injury to its own tissues and organs. The ‘Saving Lives, Saving Costs’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of patient safety through a series of national guidelines designed to confront the infection, and implementation plans and measurement tools. The campaign focuses on strengthening and improving the culture of best practices in the prevention and management of sepsis, ultimately resulting in lower mortality rates and cost savings for healthcare institutions.

Last Update : 17 April 2018 03:33 PM
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