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Riyadh: Mora than 55,000 Patients Served by Thadiq General Hospital in 1438H.
09 April 2018

​​According to Riyadh Health Affairs, over the past year (1438H.), Thadiq General Hospital served 55,211 patients (34,272 emergencies and ambulatory cases and 20,939 outpatients).

The Affairs stated: “The hospital performed 20,924 lab tests and x-ray examinations (15,164 lab tests and 5,760 x-ray examinations), 216 major surgeries in different medical specialties, and 201 one-day surgeries; thus making a total of 417 surgeries”, stated the Health Affairs.

According to statistics, the primary healthcare centers in Thadiq governorate served over the same period 31,867 patients, with 8,807 at Thadiq Healthcare Center, 5,849 at Rowaigheb Healthcare Center, 4,097 at Raghbah Healthcare Center 4,861 at Al-Heseyy Healthcare Center, 3,046 at Al-Rowaidhah Healthcare Center, 2,962 At Al-Bier Healthcare Center, in addition to 2,245 at Al-Safrawat Healthcare Centers, added the Affairs.

Last Update : 02 May 2018 01:48 PM
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