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MOH Participates in the Fifth International Conference for Disability and Rehabilitation
09 April 2018

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has participated in the Fifth International Conference for Disability and Rehabilitation, held this week in Riyadh under the theme (Vision & Prospects of Success). MOH participated with a paper featuring a presentation on MOH’s special-needs services, during a seminar on Universal Accessibility which was one of the key themes addressed in the event, including medical research, autism and down syndrome research, rehabilitation and learning difficulties, in addition to social and mental themes, special-needs rehabilitation, training and employment, special-needs laws, as well as media and education theme.

In its paper, MOH highlighted the therapeutic services offered by long-term care and mental care hospitals, medical rehabilitation, public and private hospitals, medical rehabilitation centers and sections and logistics services which includes 20 committees to coordinate special-needs services such as low-fare and traffic facilities across the Kingdom (5,382 services so far). MOH also presented its initiative to make health facilities special-needs-friendly; whereby 25 hospitals have been wholly or partially geared up for that purpose in 2017. 24 more hospitals are targeted in 2018. As well, MOH has adopted the design standards compliant with universal accessibility for special-needs persons in all designs of MOH’s new health facilities. Also, MOH has adopted the initiative of support offices, which provide logistic services to special-needs individuals, seniors and home-care patients.
It is noted that MOH has 11 rehabilitation centers and two rehabilitation hospitals.

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