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Taif: Successful Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure for a Morbidly Obese Lady
04 April 2018

​By Allah's Grace, a medical team at the Bariatric Unit of King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital- Taif has successfully performed a sleeve gastrectomy surgery for a 47-year-old lady who was suffering from morbid obesity with a BMI of more than 80kg, which caused her respiratory failure and inability to move. Artificial respiration procedure was performed for her several times at the ICU. In addition, the patient was suffering from obesity-related diseases. 

Prior to the surgery, medical checkups were performed by specialists in thoracic, internal medicine, digestive system, ICU, anesthesia and therapeutic feeding. Thank Allah the surgery was successful, and currently the patient continues her treatment under special dietary system and rehabilitation program. As a result, she has lost 10% of her excess weight and achieved improvement in her health and mental condition in general. Now, she could leave her bed and walk a few steps, after she was bed-ridden. 

Last Update : 08 April 2018 01:30 PM
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