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Buraidah Central Ends the Suffering of Patient with Adolescent Blount Disease
02 April 2018

​​​By Allah’s Grace, the orthopedists of Buraidah Central Hospital have successfully aligned acute varus deformity of a 13-year-old patient in two stages using lizarov technique.

According to Qassim Health Affairs, the patient visited the hospital’s outpatient clinics while suffering from acute varus deformity which further hindered his mobility. After due checkups and radiology, he was diagnosed with adolescent Blount disease, some kind of varus deformity occurring on puberty. So, the patient was prepared for a correction and alignment surgery in two stages using lizarov technique. The team operated first on his left leg due to it sophisticated deformity. Six months later, the team operated on the right leg. After five months, the lizarov apparatus was removed; as the patient’s legs were fully aligned with any complications, thank Allah.

On the other hand, in 2017, the Ministry of Health (MOH) increased the cardiac centers by 46%, bringing the total of cardiac centers into 19 instead of 13. Thank Allah this has helped reduced referral of cases to specialized cardiac centers in big cities. As well, it has helped reduce transport and travel costs borne by such centers’ visitors. This is part of MOH’s 2017 achievements report. This achievement is a direct outcome of building the right infrastructures, equipping cardiac centers and recruiting highly qualified doctors and visiting doctors to these centers.

In the same report, MOH also announced adding 89 new dental clinics in 2017, thus, bringing the total of dental clinics into 3,081 instead 2,992. This has helped boost health services quality and facilitate access to dental services through additional dental clinics across health centers and hospitals.

Last Update : 03 April 2018 02:13 PM
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