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Breast Cancer Survivors Review Their Successful Experiences
02 April 2018

​A number of breast cancer survivors has reviewed their experiences with it and how they have - by Allah’s Grace - successfully overcome it. This was part of the event organized by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to honor breast cancer survivors, who were diagnosed by breast cancer early screening clinics. During the event, the services provided by the national program for breast cancer early screening were reviewed. Then, a number of breast cancer survivors shared their experiences since visiting the clinic, through reporting test results and their transfer to the reference hospital of King Fahad Medical City for diagnosis and treatment.

They explored their heroic stories about treatment stages up to their recovery. They also expressed their deep appreciation of the quality and speedy treatment services they received. As well, they expressed their full readiness to help promote awareness on the importance of early screening as they are the best ambassadors to foster this culture.

It is worth noting that, early this year, MOH has launched "Continue with Your Heroics" campaign" across the Kingdom, including various awareness activities and event through social media and trade centers. With this campaign, MOH) shares the international community' concern by awareness activities on Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017.

According to stats, breast cancer is the most common among Saudi women (29%, 24.9/100000 ladies; average age: 49; thus, 10-15 years younger their counterparts in western countries.

“57% of breast cancer cases in acute stages are detected in the Kingdom compared to only 20% in developed countries; thus, increasing mortality rates and reducing chances of recovery. Mammography screening contributes to 95% early treatment of breast cancer. So, women are asked to have periodical Mammography screening to detect any abrupt changes early. Mammography screening targets 40-year-old women and above, as well as younger women (30-40) in case of breast cancer or ovarian cancer family history.”, stresses MOH.

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