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Umloj Hospital-Tabuk: Youth's Heart Re-energized
29 March 2018

​By Allah's Grace, a medical team at Umloj Hospital has successfully saved the life of a youth who had heart arrest twice.

According to Tabuk Health Affairs, the patient, who had a heart attack, was brought to the emergency department of Umloj Hospital and immediately the medical team performed a CPR for 55 minutes until he regained the heart pulse. Then, he was taken to the ICU where his heart stopped again and after another 10-minute-CPR he regained the pulse with liver and kidney dysfunction and loss of consciousness. To reactivate the kidney, the team performed a number of dialysis sessions. After his condition stabilized, the youth was referred to King Fahad Hospital- Madinah where he had a cardiac catheterization.

Last Update : 02 April 2018 09:49 AM
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