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Hail Affairs Reduces Waiting Lists in Several Medical Specialties
29 March 2018

​Hail Health Affairs has successfully reduced the waiting lists of several medical specialties in 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. In so doing, 500 braces patients on waiting lists have been called. Also, the appointment interval of dental fillings clinic has been reduced from 4 months to 15 days only. The appointment interval of the dental center has been reduced from 4 months to 20 days only. Likewise, the waiting time of 180 dental prosthesis patients has been reduced. Earlier, they had their appointments in 6-7/1439H. As well, 350 strabismus children have had their waiting lists reduced. 177 Botox therapies have been done in two weeks. In addition, waiting lists cataract have been reduced from 8 months to less than a month in King Khaled Hospital.​

In the same vein, Hail Affairs has enhanced patient experience in King Khaled Hospital (Recovery Hall- Plane Tree); thus, boosting operating room occupancy rates from 25% to 75% to reduce the hospital’s surgery waiting lists.

Last Update : 02 April 2018 02:54 PM
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