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MOH: 254 Anti-Smoking Clinics in 2017
28 March 2018

​According to MOH, in 2017, anti-smoking clinics have been increased by 59%, reaching 254 clinics instead of 160; thus, ensuring easy access to therapeutic services by training many family doctors and providing sufficient anti-smoking drugs. The Affairs also pointed out that about 31% already quit smoking and smokers’ health condition was improved through intensifying awareness campaigns and following-up visitors to the clinics. ​

In its 2017 achievements report, MOH stated that mental clinics were increased to 248 clinics distributed throughout 312 healthcare centers. Such increase contributed to early detection and treatment of mental diseases; thus, reducing complications and financial cost on both the beneficiaries and state. Family and primary healthcare doctors have been trained to deal with mental cases, and basic mental drug provided at the primary healthcare centers.

Last Update : 01 April 2018 10:06 AM
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