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Taif: Successful Extraction of a Knife from a Youth's Face
28 March 2018

​​By Allah's Grace, a surgical team at King Faisal Medical Complex- Taif has successfully extracted a knife from the face of a youth in his 20s. The patient was brought to the hospital’s emergency and medical examinations revealed a 10cm-deep cut in the right side of his scalp. Immediately, first aid was administered to him and after due radiological checkups, he was diagnosed with a foreign body extending from the scalp to the right zygomatic arch, and inability to move the lower jaw. He was taken to the operating room where the oral and maxillofacial surgeons managed to extract the foreign body, a 7cm-long knife. The surgery was successful without any complications.​

Last Update : 01 April 2018 09:18 AM
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