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King Abdullah Medical City: Lady in her 30s with Paraplegia Saved
28 March 2018

By Allah’s Grace, an integrated medical team of Spinal Surgery Unit at King Abdullah Medical City-Makkah has successfully saved a lady in her 30s suffering from paraplegia; thus, losing her mobility for one month due to acute pressure on her spine.

According to Medical City, the patient’s clinical tests showed her inability to move her legs. Also, her MRI screening revealed a pressure on her spine vis a vis her third thoracic vertebra (C-3). As her paraplegia surpassed the period of 48 hours, improvement is very minimal. The young patient was informed of her case. Then, an immediate surgery was decided to remove the posterior spinal bone, to release the pressure on her spine and immobilize her C-9 and C-10 with screws and stents.

Later, her biopsy showed an infection, which was duly treated. After that, the patient was put under rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions. Thank Allah she improved, gradually responded to the treatment plan and restored her mobility and ability to walk again.

It is worth noting that the Neurological Sciences Center of King Abdullah Medical City witnesses recently concrete developments in terms of surgery numbers, sophistication and success due to the Center’s qualified national specialists.

Last Update : 29 March 2018 08:15 AM
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