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Al-Wajh General Hospital: Successful Variceal Ligation for Man in his 50s
22 March 2018

According to Tabuk Health Affairs, a medical team at Al-Wajh General Hospital has conducted the first-of-its-kind endoscopic variceal ligation (EVL) for a 55-year-old patient with cirrhosis due to chronic peritoneal effusion which has caused esophageal varices. During the procedure, the endoscopy revealed that is was of grades 2 and 3; thus, leading to eminent intestinal bleeding. 

“The patient was immediately admitted into the operating room, where he had an almost 2-hour endoscopic variceal ligation (EVL). The patient is now in stable condition, thank Allah.”, stressed the Affairs.

It is noted that Al-Wajh General Hospital conducted 1,075 surgeries in 2017, including 197 one-day procedures.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has increased cardiac diagnosis of the newborn from 20% to 90% during 2017. In its 2017 achievements report, MoH stressed that this process has helped early detect congenital cardiac problems, treat them in initial phases, improve the health of cardiac children, reduce the burden and economic cost for both patients and the state. To do so, MoH has boosted the efficiency of the medical teams in Newborn Units through continuous training, policies and guidelines, as well as new indicators that help monitor performance.

Likewise, MoH has increased the number hearing diagnosis of the newborn from 17% to 89%. Thank Allah this has helped early detect hearing defects, treat them in their initial stages; thus, enabling the newborn to enjoy a normal life which is free from hearing impairments.

Last Update : 25 March 2018 02:55 PM
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