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Al-Ahsa: Al-Jabr Eye and ENT Hospital Obtains CBAHI Accreditation
20 March 2018

Al-Jabr Eye and ENT Hospital- Al-Ahsa has obtained accreditation of the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI), after meeting the accreditation standards of quality, according to the national standards of hospitals.

This accreditation highlights MOH’s interest to invest all available capabilities at all its health facilities to improve their services in line with the National Transformation Program and Saudi Vision 2030, to provide cutting-edge services that meet beneficiaries’ satisfaction, to boost the preventive measures, and to make facility-based health services more accessible.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Jabr Eye and ENT Hospital, with a 100-bed capacity, provides specialized services in ophthalmology and ENT by state-of-the-art devices. Also, the hospital receives all cases of speech and language disorders among children and adults.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has increased cardiac diagnosis of the newborn from 20% to 90% during 2017. In its 2017 achievements report, MOH stated that this process has helped early detect cases with congenital heart disease (CHD), treat them in initial phases, improve the health of cardiac children, and reduce the burden and economic cost for both patients and the state. To do so, MOH has boosted the efficiency of the medical teams in Newborn Units through continuous training, policies and guidelines, as well as new indicators that help monitor performance.

Likewise, MOH has increased the hearing diagnosis of the newborn from 17% to 89%. By Allah’s Grace, this has helped early detect cases of hearing defects, treat them in their initial stages; thus, enabling the newborn to enjoy a normal life free from hearing impairments.

Last Update : 21 March 2018 12:59 PM
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