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First Emergency Care Model Adopted in Kedi and al-Eskan Centers
18 March 2018

The emergency care model team in Makkah Health Affairs has started the pilot stage of the first emergency care model in Kedi and al-Eskan health centers, to relieve pressure on the emergency sections of Al-Nour Specialist Hospital and Maternity and Children Hospital. In so doing, all emergency cases referred by the Maternity and Children Hospital will be received by Kedi health center, while some emergency cases referred by Al-Nour Specialist Hospital will be received by al-Eskan health center. As well, both centers will receive unscheduled cases (visiting both centers directly from their homes).

The emergency care model targets six key objectives; primarily to reduce congestion in emergency sections, to provide beds, to boost healthcare treatment opportunities, to save lives, to ensure better and timely access to specialized healthcare and to redistribute resources among health facilities in case of emergencies. By Allah’s Leave, this will help achieve secure and effective healthcare with patient-related unified standards. Also, it will help redistribute access to emergency care geographically, to effectively capitalize on both efforts and time.

Last Update : 18 March 2018 02:31 PM
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