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Tabuk: Successful Surgery Saves a Youth's Legs from Amputation
15 March 2018

​By Allah's Grace, a medical team at King Khaled Hospital- Tabuk has successfully saved a youth's legs from amputation. The patient had a traffic accident that caused him both femur fractures, severe bleeding and ischemia in both legs as a result of arterial injury.​​

According to Tabuk Health Affairs, the 16-year-old youth was rushed to the operating room of the emergency department where the femur fractures were immobilized by the surgical team, ischemia restored to the legs and bone tissues reconstructed by the vascular surgery team. "By Allah's Grace, the youth is in a good health following the surgery", adds the Affairs. 

It is noted that, over the past year, the hospital served 219,896 patients at the emergency department, and conducted 3,917 surgeries, including 968 one-day surgeries.

In its 2017 achievements report, MOH has added 65 new healthcare centers, bringing the total number of healthcare centers to 2,390 instead of 2,325. These centers, which have been enhanced with all required manpower, equipment and supplies, helped to provide more accessible health service to over 300,000 citizens. Likewise, working hours in 39 new healthcare centers have been extended to 11 pm; thus, making 204 healthcare centers operate until this time instead of 165 centers. In order to reach a comprehensive coverage, to reduce congestion and to satisfy citizens, MOH has enhanced the centers with well-trained doctors, medical and technical staff, as well as providing security services at the on-duty centers.

Last Update : 20 March 2018 01:34 PM
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