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Hera Hospital-Makkah: 70,809 Patients Examined
14 March 2018

In 2017, the radiology section of Hera General Hospital examined 70,809 patients and outpatients, through its top-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services. The section also provided medical radiology training courses under the supervision of highly qualified doctors, technicians, nurses and e-archive specialists.

According to Makkah Health Affairs, the section provides diagnostic and interventional services using cutting-edge imaging medical technologies (MRI, CT scanners, 4x-ray devices, fluoroscopic mapping equipment, dental x-ray machine and mammogram for breast cancer). This, by Allah’s Grace, has reduced waiting time from 28 to 4 days only for outpatients to have their CT scans, and from 24 to 12 hours for inpatients. Also, this has reduced the waiting time for outpatients from 24 to 5 days and from 3 days to 11 hours only for inpatients to have their MRI tests. This reduction is a direct optimization outcome of MoH’s performance program (Adaa’), to provide seamless access to both patients and outpatients.

On the other hand, in its 2017 achievements report, MoH added 65 new healthcare centers, making all health centers across the Kingdom into 2,390 instead of 2,325. These centers have helped provide facility-based health services to over 300 thousand citizens. These centers have been enhanced with necessary manpower, appliances and medical supplies. Also, new 39 centers are designated to operate for longer hours up to 11:00pm. In so doing, 204 centers so far operate up to 11:00pm instead of 165 centers before. MoH seeks to provide comprehensive coverage across the Kingdom, to reduce congestion and to meet the beneficiaries’ needs. Hence, more manpower (highly trained doctors) have been supplied, in addition to training the existing medical and administrative staff and providing security services in all centers on duty.

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