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King Fahad Hospital - Madinah: 32 Hours End Sufferings of Patient with Big Cranial Meningioma
13 March 2018

A medical team at King Fahad Hospital - Madinah has successfully ended the suffering of a patient with big cranial meningioma. She complained of severe headache, weakness in right lower and upper limbs, left facial paralysis, as well as inability to talk and swallow.

Immediately, a team of neurologists conducted the needed tests and CT scans which showed a huge complex cranial meningioma around the main brain arteries; thus, causing pressure on the brain stem and the central cranial nerves.

The team developed a three-stage treatment plan. This first stage featured an interventional cerebrovascular catheter by the interventional radiology section to block blood supply to the tumor. The second stage involved advanced and highly sophisticated surgery to access the tumor from all sides while maintaining all the brain parts intact, mainly the brain stem. In the thirst stage, the tumor was excised after releasing all the brain arteries and the cranial pressure, Thank Allah all the three stages have been successful. The patient recovered gradually, then she was discharged from the hospital in good health.

On the other hand, in its 2017 achievements report, MoH added 65 new healthcare centers, making all health centers across the Kingdom into 2,390 instead of 2,325. These centers have helped provide facility-based health services to over 300 thousand citizens. These centers have been enhanced with necessary manpower, appliances and medical supplies. Also, new 39 centers are designated to operate for longer hours up to 11:00pm. In so doing, 204 centers so far operate up to 11:00pm instead of 165 centers before. MoH seeks to provide comprehensive coverage across the Kingdom, to reduce congestion and to meet the beneficiaries’ needs. Hence, more manpower (highly trained doctors) have been supplied, in addition to training the existing medical and administrative staff and providing security services in all centers on duty.

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