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MOH Posts a Presentation Video on (937) Service Center
08 March 2018

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has published on its twitter page a presentation video on (937) service center and its services, including: Receiving medical consultations, notifications, treatment requests and inquiries, 24/7.

According to MOH users can communicate directly either in English or in Arabic through the (937) cervices center using any means of communication, such as fixed, mobile or emergency phones. They will subsequently be provided with all needed information and medical consultation. They can also submit their complaints in a completely confidential manner.

The (937) service center serves as a valuable means to receive feedback, to help improve both MOH and its Health Affairs’ performance, to ensure public interest and to both effectively and efficiently facilitate and unify all processes using a unified seamless and intuitive mechanism. It is worth mentioning that the (937) Service Center is one of the most important MOH’s initiatives. It aims to provide medical services through its toll-free number. The center operates based on listening, response, implementation, and analysis. The performance of regional Health Affairs is evaluated by closing citizens' reports and their satisfaction with the services provided.

In the same vein, MoH affirms that last week the center received 3,863 notifications and 224 transfer requests. The center also provided 17,724 medical consultations, and received 37,458 calls, 14,721 inquiries and 926 requests for smoking cessation treatment.

Last Update : 08 March 2018 02:28 PM
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