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Jazan Hospitals: Over 20 Thousand Surgeries Done in 2017
07 March 2018

According to Jazan Health Affairs, its hospitals - in 2017 - conducted 20,195 surgeries. Based on statistical data for 2017, the hospitals’ emergencies received 1,708,442 cases. Also, 691,167 patients were hospitalized and 788,902 cases were served by outpatient clinics.

In this regard, such services were provided by the Affairs’ 21 hospitals and 1873 healthcare centers across the region. In addition, the Affairs features a specialized Cardiac Center, a Hematology and Oncology Center and an Ophthalmology Center at Prince Mohammed Bin Nasser Hospital. Likewise, 4 renal dialysis centers have recently been launched in: Sabia, Samtha, Abu Arish and Jazan, under the National Program for Renal Dialysis Centers, as well as MoH’s plan to develop renal dialysis services across the Kingdom.

In the same vein, in 2017, the Home Medicine Programs recorded 934 new users on home medical services, with 2,261 already recorded beneficiaries. Also, the Program conducted over 22,170 home visits, with an accumulated record of 4,770 users. Since its inception, the Program has paid 110,340 home visits.

Last Update : 11 March 2018 02:44 PM
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