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King Khaled Hospital-Tabuk Adopts e-Archive System of Medical Records
05 March 2018

King Khaled Hospital-Tabuk has launched its e-Archive System of medical records, which allows the hospital to manage, store and track medical files. The system also allows keeping numerous versions of documents, and facilitates tracking them for different purposes. .

“So far, some 180,000 medical records have been archived and stored on the system. Also, e-records are adopted in both outpatient clinics and emergency; to review archived medical records. The e-Archive of Medical Records System  has been connected with MoH’s system in place at the hospital. The e-record includes the patient's personal information, diagnosis, history, vital signs, prescribed treatment procedures, results of medical tests, x-ray images and medicines taken by the patient.

It is also noted that MoH has increased the bed capacity of its hospitals in 2017 by 1822 beds, thus, making 43,675 beds in total instead of 41,835 beds. This is part of MoH’s endeavors to enhance hospital’s bed capacity for hospitalization and to reduce hospitalization waiting lists. By Allah’s Grace, this has positively improved MoH’s medical services and boosted patient satisfaction. To that end, MoH has inaugurated new hospitals, and geared up the present capacity of hospitals by recruiting more doctors and adding more beds .

In its report of achievements in 2017, MoH stated that one-day surgeries increased from 44% to 55% (with 112,095 one-day surgeries). Also, waiting lists were reduced through suppling health facilities with needed appliances for one-day surgeries, in addition to key indicators to increase the number of this type of surgeries .

Last Update : 07 March 2018 12:00 PM
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