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​Maternity and Children Hospital - Hafr al-Batin: 7,780 Newborns Examined
27 February 2018

​According to Hafr al-Batin Health Affairs, under the National Newborn Screening Program to detect cardiac defects and hearing impairment, 7,780 newborns were screened at the Maternity and Children Hospital - Hafr al-Batin in 2017. So, 6 hearing impairment cases 2 cardiac defect patients were detected. Also, 2 retinal disease cases out of 348 premature babies were detected. Both cases were referred to the ophthalmologist for further treatment while being followed-up by the hospital.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health (MoH) continues activating the National Newborn Screening Program to eliminate disabilities. This program is designed to detect any genetic diseases that cause serious complications. The program aims to screen the newborn across the Kingdom to secure early detection of hereditary diseases that would cause them serious health complications, including mental and motor disabilities, weak growth and premature death. According to MoH, failing to detect and treat such diseases early leads to untold complications, and poses a huge social and mental burden on the child's parents; which the program seeks to eliminate.

The Program aims to screen all the newborn in their first 24-72 hours for all covered illnesses to early detect diseases and provide the needed healthcare as soon as possible; to prevent incurred complications. This Program features one general objective; that is early screening of the newborn reduces disease and disability rates caused by genetic disorders (endocrine and metabolic diseases covered by the Program). The Program also has detailed objectives, including: extending the Program's coverage to include maternity hospitals, boosting the Program's efficiency at all levels, raising the community's awareness about genetic diseases covered by the Program, engaging the community, creating a database of all genetic disorders and ongoing assessment to develop the Program and improve its performance.

On the other hand, MoH has launched the second season of Awareness Award “Wa3i” targeting participation of all GCC populations. With this Award, MoH seeks to promote the community’s health awareness, capitalize on the potential of youths and boost partnership between the community and all awareness stakeholders across the Kingdom and the GCC states.

The Award allows individuals to participate in any of its five different categories, including: Short awareness film, infographic design, motion graphic design, photography, and Snape Chat. Winner will receive cash prizes starting with SR 150,000 for short film winners.

As well, both public and private schools in the Kingdom can participate through a short film on any health topic. So, the first winner school will receive a cash prize of SR 100,000. To get more information on terms, conditions and Award standards, please visit the Award Portal​​, where all participations will be received. Kindly note that participations Award will be received until Saturday, April 7th, 2018 (corresponding to Rajab 21st, 1439H).

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