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Emergency Surgical Intervention Saves a Girl's Foot
25 February 2018

​According to Riyadh Health Affairs, the medical team at Afif General Hospital has successfully saved a young girl after having a severe injury in her foot due to falling off of a motorbike.  As a result of her multiple injury, she had tendons of her right toes snapped, in addition to double fractures in the toes and joints between the insteps and the toes, and poor blood supply to the big toe as a consequence of the injury in the blood vessels. Subsequently, the girl had an emergency delicate surgery where she had an endoscopy for the injury and fracture immobilization. All tendons and joints have been reconstructed, and the wound has been stitched under general anesthesia. Thank Allah she now is stable and is in good health.​

Last Update : 27 February 2018 11:42 AM
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