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King Fahd Central Hospital-Jazan: 29 Thousand Emergencies Served
22 February 2018

​According to Jazan Health Affairs, the emergency department of King Fahd Central Hospital provided its services to 29,843 outpatients. He hospital’s outpatient clinics - 59 specialized clinics - also served 104,231 patients and outpatients in 2017.

The hospital also conducted 5,141 miscellaneous surgeries, 3,420 birth cases, as well as 716,521 comprehensive lab tests, including immunity, virus, urine, bacteria, chemical, genetic, toxin analyses, and much more lab tests. Likewise, the premarital screening center conducted 6,010 tests, and issued compatibility certificates for 2018 cases, as well as 154 non-compatibility certificates.

In the same vein, the radiology department processed 711,411 screening requests in conventional and CT scans, MRI, MRA and nuclear medicine radiation. In addition, the medical rehabilitation center served 10,000 cases, including 3,811 physical therapies, 2,390 physiotherapies, 566 functional therapies and 3,223 prosthetics.​

Last Update : 27 February 2018 11:20 AM
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