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Successful Sophisticated Laparoscopy for Two Patients with Ureteral Stenosis
21 February 2018

​By Allah's Grace, a medical team at King Fahad General Hospital- Madinah, in collaboration with King Saud Medical City- Riyadh, has successfully conducted a laparoscopic surgery to repair a congenital ureteral stenosis (ureterostenosis) for two ladies at the age of 15 years, through an extraperitoneal laparoscopy, which is the first-of-its-kind in the western region.

The patients had been suffering from stenosis of the upper ureter which was repaired through an extraperitoneal laparoscopy. The surgery was conducted by an integrated medical team from the department of urology and anesthesia, as well as operating room technicians at King Fahad Hospital. The surgery, which is usually accurate and of low pain, lasted for about 120 minutes. Currently, the patients are in good health and will be discharged soon after ensuring their full recovery. 

Last Update : 11 March 2018 01:20 PM
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