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King Abdullah Medical City Launches Awareness Activities on World Cancer Day
18 February 2018

In collaboration with Makkah Municipality, King Abdullah Medical City-Makkah has launched a series of activities on the World Cancer Day 2018, including over 16 awareness stands in different fields both inside and outside KAMC.

These activities have been held under the theme: "Make Healthier Choices", as adopted by KAMC to advise both patients and healthy people that they can help and support cancer control. They are also designed to educate the community on cancer and its prevention through following a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking, as well as early detection for treatment if any - may Allah forbid. These activities featured effective participation by several bodies, both inside and outside KAMC, including medical charity organizations, professional agencies, sports institutions, in addition to the recreational stand with child pageants and different games .

Also, five KAMC departments have taken part in the activities, namely: oncology awareness, therapeutic feeding, patient education and health enhancement, community education, mental health and social service. This reflects KAMC's commitment to its medical role and social responsibility towards educating the community on misconceptions and wrong practices about cancer, how to live with it mentally, medically and socially. In most cases, it is curable - by Allah's Leave - if diagnosed and detected early, and by adopting the healthy lifestyle to prevent it.​

Last Update : 27 February 2018 11:02 AM
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