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MoH: Hospitals and Health Centers Geared up to Handle Dust Wave
14 February 2018

​The Ministry of Health (MoH) has confirmed its hospitals and health centers' readiness across the Kingdom to deal with dust wave and to provide all medical services to outpatients. MoH also called on all citizens and residents to use the (937) service center 24/7 for medical consultations by specialized physicians, in case patients cannot visit a medical facility.

Also, through an Infographic published in its twitter page, MoH detailed preventive measures to avoid dust, which is one of  environmental contaminants with several damages due to carrying pollens and microbes. These measures include shutting doors and windows, avoiding exposure to dust unless absolutely necessary, as well as wearing masks with air filters, while constantly replacing them.

As well, MoH has advised  asthmatic patients to have their ambulatory bronchodilator inhaler permanently, to take the preventive inhaler prescribed by their treating doctor, and to reach the nearest emergency center in cases of non-responsive acute asthma.

It is noted that MoH launches such awareness activities as part of its continued efforts to ensure safety and health of all individuals,to enhance health awareness, and to instill healthy lifestyles.​

Last Update : 27 February 2018 10:50 AM
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