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Al-Jouf Affairs: 96 Development Projects Implemented in 2017
13 February 2018

According Al-Jouf Health Affairs, 96 development projects across various health sectors were implemented in 2017, including medical, services and administrative projects. As well, all hospitals underwent development programs, with new divisions and centers launched and cutting-edge appliances supplied. A new department was inaugurated to monitor projects and their progress, as well as to submit reports accordingly.

Al-Jouf Affairs stated; "Highlights of the achievements in Domat Al Jandal General Hospital are the ICU and cardiac ICU development, neonatal complex expansion, early detection of cardiac and ear malformations division, negative pressure 8 isolation rooms, a new glass isolation room within the resuscitation room, a triage point and contact waiting room at the ambulatory section. Also, King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital - Sakaka featured a new MERS-CoV isolation ward, an integrated program for obesity surgeries, new gastroenterology endoscopy section, one-day surgery division, children thoracic and esophagus endoscopy to extract foreign objects, as well as a cochlear implant center in Al-Jouf. Notably, Prince Mutaib Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital - Sakaka also had its outpatient clinics expanded and dislocation surgeries introduced. As for primary healthcare, five centers have been geared up for CBAHI accreditation, in addition to five centers already accredited."

In the same vein, Maternity and Children Hospital – Sakaka underwent several developments, including:  a new neonatal unit, a 2-bed capacity pregnancy and postpartum ICU for critical cases. Too, the maternity and children division was expanded with 10 beds, and supplied with a cutting-edge hysteroscope. The children emergency was totally renovated. Likewise, the hospital's lab and MRI room were boosted. 

Furthermore, at Mayqou' General Hospital, CT scan and Blood Chemistry Analysis devices were installed, while new isolation rooms were prepared, the X-ray apparatus was replaced, the lab was expanded and enhanced with cutting-edge devices. Also, a new physiotherapy division was initiated at Suwair Central Hospital. In this regard, Tabarjal General Hospital had an X-ray machine and a new one-day surgery section. The hospital's emergency and ambulatory sections were improved. 16 negative pressure isolation rooms were introduced. A modern lithotripsy center was launched. The surgery and internal medicine divisions were renovated. Surgical IV poles were fixed in ICU and operating rooms. A permanent renal dialysis machine was added to the ICU.​

Last Update : 27 February 2018 10:33 AM
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