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Riyadh: Saudi Japanese Healthcare Forum Held on Monday
12 February 2018

​The Ministry of Health (MoH)has taken part in the Saudi Japanese Healthcare Forum held on Monday in Riyadh. The Forum is designed to share expertise and cutting-edge creations in the health field in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, and to update MOH's healthcare professionals on the latest medical technologies in Japan. The Forum will be attended by an elite of physicians and health specialists, as well as medical companies.

According to MoH, the Forum addresses a number of key medical specialties, including: diabetes, cardiology, diagnostic and therapeutic gastroenterology endoscopy, oncology, in addition to emergency and crises management. Also, the Forum offers an opportunity to have full view on various fields of cooperation between MoH and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW). Participants will also be able to meet doctors, healthcare professionals and accredited medical companies to share their insights, views and latest creations in the field. In the next few months, the Japanese side will have more information on MoH's initiatives through its planned activities; thus, enabling MoH to have access to expertise along with MHLW's latest healthcare practices and medical technologies.

On this occasion, MoH expresses its deepest thanks and appreciation to Japan for its invitation to take part in this Forum, which brings together representatives form Health Ministries in both countries. MoH also extended the Kingdom's war welcome to the Japanese delegation.

It is worth noting that the Forum featured several workshops and scientific presentations delivered by both sides, which covered a number of key themes, including: an overview of the Japanese medical emergency, life emergency, technical staff rescue, crisis-based medical measures, therapies by endoscopy, cardiovascular epidemic data in Japan, the importance of detecting Ischemic Heart Disease, the Japanese cardiac appliances and services, diabetes diagnosis, kidney failure and renal dialysis in Japan, advanced laparoscopy, cancer treatment under immunotherapy, artificial intelligence and robots in cardiac care, simple creative solutions, diabetes prevalence in Japan and its treatment from a Saudi perspective.​

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